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Family Law Legal Services
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Family Law encompasses a specialized practice area dedicated to addressing the intricacies of family relationships. To safeguard your rights and interests, you can rely on Cooke Demers for expert legal counsel and representation in delicate family matters such as:

  • Divorce
  • Annulments
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Domestic Violence
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Property Division

Divorce impacts around half of all families in the United States, and it’s likely you or someone in your family has endured the stress and uncertainty that accompanies the conclusion of a marriage. At Cooke Demers, LLC, our goal is to navigate our clients through the complexities of the divorce process, achieving results that enable them to progress in life with minimal financial strain.

In Ohio, divorce proceedings start when one party files a Complaint in the Domestic Relations Division of the Common Pleas Court. After serving the Complaint on the other party, the divorce process unfolds slowly in the court system, varying by court. 

We often gather discovery from the opposing party to assess their income, assets, liabilities, and other pertinent details to settle or litigate the case. When custody or parental rights disputes arise and no agreement is reached, a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL) often represents the children’s interests.

We consistently strive to amicably resolve case issues with the opposing party and their lawyer, potentially leading to an uncontested hearing before a judge. However, if agreement proves elusive, a final contested hearing is set, where both sides present evidence, witnesses, and expert testimony. Ultimately, the judge decides the case’s outcome.

Our attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC, possess extensive experience in these proceedings. We’ve learned that taking a divorce case to trial is seldom financially or otherwise beneficial. Typically, after gathering all the necessary information, we can identify an optimal outcome for our client and reach a settlement based on that. This approach saves thousands of dollars for our clients and spares them the unpredictability of a court’s decision affecting their future.

Nevertheless, our proven track record in the courtroom shines when a settlement is unattainable, often due to the other party’s intransigence. We have successfully litigated numerous divorce cases. Our lawyers’ trial expertise and knowledge ensure our clients and their children receive the outcomes they merit.

Termination of marriage by Dissolution has become the preferred methodology in the world of family law, and the attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC have guided clients through hundreds of dissolutions.

Dissolution mandates the completion of financial disclosure affidavits by each party, ensuring transparency of income, assets, and liabilities.

A Separation Agreement outlines the division of assets and liabilities, tax considerations, real estate and personal property dispositions, spousal support, and other relevant marital termination issues.

In cases involving minor children, an agreement is necessary to determine either sole legal custody by one party or shared parental rights and responsibilities. A comprehensive Shared Parenting Plan is developed for shared parenting, encompassing school placement, parenting schedules, child support, health insurance, medical matters, extracurricular activities, and other child-related concerns.

In some instances, Dissolution can proceed swiftly if parties have prearranged agreements on all issues.

Other situations might demand prolonged negotiations. Following filing the Petition for Dissolution and related documents with the appropriate court, a 30-day waiting period is mandated before a final hearing can ratify the Dissolution and legally enforce the terms of the Separation Agreement.

The family relations attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC offer expert advice on whether Dissolution suits a client’s needs and navigate them through the process for an efficient and cost-effective resolution.

Child support, a pivotal yet often misunderstood element in family law, frequently sits at the core of custody disagreements.

Our clients at Cooke Demers, LLC must fully grasp the factors influencing child support before finalizing agreements with the other parent. In Ohio, child support follows a “guideline” calculation outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. Nonetheless, courts can modify this guideline amount based on various factors, including the parenting schedule, child-specific expenses, and long-distance travel costs. This flexibility often leads to debates over the appropriateness of the guideline amount.

The accurate assessment of both parties’ incomes for child support calculation is equally crucial. Situations like self-employment or incomes involving bonuses or commissions necessitate a detailed examination of earning statements and tax returns to determine the actual income for support purposes accurately.

A notable aspect of child support is the concept of extrapolation. The Ohio Revised Code sets a cap at a combined income of $150,000 for both parties, where only this amount is considered in the support calculation.

However, in cases where a parent’s income significantly exceeds this limit, the court may “extrapolate” to derive a support amount that surpasses the guideline’s suggestion.

Negotiation is a common practice in determining child support, often with the guideline serving merely as a starting point. The attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC are adept at helping clients assess whether they are paying or receiving a fair share of support and developing legal strategies to negotiate equitable outcomes.

In most cases involving parental rights, a Shared Parenting Plan is the preferred resolution method.

Such a plan designates both parties as legal custodians of the children. It includes detailed provisions on school placement, child support, parenting schedules, medical treatments, educational issues, extracurricular activities, and health insurance.

Ohio law mandates specific language in all Shared Parenting Plans, requiring meticulous drafting to ensure legal compliance. The attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC are skilled in crafting comprehensive Shared Parenting Plans that address all aspects of children’s needs post-divorce or dissolution while also adhering to Ohio’s legal standards.

In Ohio divorce proceedings, the law mandates that marital property be divided equally between the parties, or if an exact division is not feasible, it should be split “equitably.”

This grants courts considerable discretion in determining a fair distribution of assets. The attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC possess specialized knowledge in allocating property in cases involving intricate assets.

Consider scenarios where one spouse holds multiple investments and private retirement accounts, and the other possesses a public pension like PERS or STRS.

Additionally, there might be real estate, such as a house, with equity that needs dividing. The lawyers at Cooke Demers, LLC are adept in assessing these assets and creating marital balance sheets to ensure equal or equitable distribution. They collaborate with financial experts to conduct business valuations, real estate appraisals, and calculations of the present value of retirement and pension plans to ascertain accurate figures for their clients.

It’s also crucial to determine if clients have non-marital or “separate property” claims safeguarded from being included in the marital asset division. Separate property may encompass assets, accounts, or funds inherited or owned before marriage, along with any passive appreciation.

The attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC are skilled in identifying and tracing such separate property, ensuring its protection during the division of marital assets.

Cooke Demers, LLC has represented numerous prominent business owners, entrepreneurs, and their spouses in Central Ohio, focusing on devising suitable methods for dividing their business interests.

The firm collaborates with industry specialists to secure accurate business valuations, guiding clients toward an equitable division of their interests.

This approach prioritizes the protection of business assets and cash flow while minimizing disruption to the company’s operations.

Navigating the complexities of spousal support (commonly referred to as alimony) in domestic relations is notoriously challenging to predict.

Ohio law outlines several factors for courts to consider in deciding on spousal support, including the award’s amount and duration. These factors encompass the marriage’s length, parties’ ages, health statuses, income levels, earning capacities, assets and liabilities, retirement benefits, child custody considerations, expenses, and other court-deemed relevant and equitable aspects.

Although courts have considerable discretion in awarding support, including its amount and term, specific trends and factors tend to carry more weight, offering a degree of predictability.

The attorneys at Cooke Demers, LLC bring extensive experience from Central Ohio’s domestic relations courts, developing strategies to position clients optimally in spousal support matters.

Their systematic approach to financial details and years of courtroom experience enables them to offer clients the best possible guidance in spousal support.

Navigating the complexities of parental relocation in family law requires sensitivity and legal expertise.

At Cooke Demers, LLC, based in New Albany, Ohio, we understand that life’s circumstances can lead to needing a parent to relocate. Whether it’s for a new job opportunity, closer proximity to family, or other significant reasons, our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through this challenging process.

Understanding the Legal Landscape

In Ohio, relocating with a child after divorce or custody arrangements can be legally intricate.

The court prioritizes the child’s best interests, balancing this with the rights and responsibilities of each parent. We at Cooke Demers, LLC, are well-versed in Ohio’s family law and will help you navigate these legal waters.

Embarking on a marital journey is an exciting time in one’s life, filled with hope and plans for the future. At Cooke Demers, LLC, in New Albany, Ohio, we understand that part of this planning may involve considering a prenuptial agreement.

Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through crafting a prenuptial agreement that aligns with your needs and future goals, offering peace of mind as you progress in your relationship.

The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is not just a legal document; it’s a practical tool for outlining the financial aspects of a marriage. These agreements can:

  1. Protect Individual Assets: Safeguard pre-marriage assets and ensure that personal property remains separate in the event of a divorce.
  2. Define Financial Responsibilities: Establish each party’s financial responsibilities during the marriage.
  3. Secure Future Plans: Protect business interests and future inheritances and provide clarity on debt management.
  4. Create a Custom Financial Plan: Tailor a financial plan that suits your unique situation, offering security and clarity for both parties.

At Cooke Demers, LLC, located in New Albany, Ohio, we understand that finalizing a divorce decree does not permanently mark the end of legal concerns related to family law matters. Post-decree matters often arise, necessitating continued legal guidance and support.

Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to assisting clients in navigating these complex issues with professionalism and care.

Navigating Post-Decree Challenges

Post-decree matters can encompass a variety of issues, including:

  1. Child Custody and Visitation Modifications: Life changes such as relocation, changes in employment, or evolving needs of children may necessitate modifications to custody and visitation arrangements.

  2. Spousal Support Adjustments: Changes in financial circumstances, such as a significant increase or decrease in income, can lead to revisions in spousal support.

  3. Child Support Reassessment: Alterations in either parent’s financial situation or the child’s needs may require adjustments to child support orders.

  4. Enforcement of Court Orders: Ensuring compliance with the terms of the divorce decree, including property division, child support, and custody arrangements.

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